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April 2, 2009 / City Living (Boston)

My assignment: Charoset and Kugel

I have been assigned charoset and kugel for Passover.  We have hosted Passover for the last few years so it is kind of nice to just have two recipes to be responsible for.  The problem is, what if they’re not perfect?

The charoset I can handle.  I suppose you can go terribly wrong with anything, but it is pretty hard to ruin charoset.  It is actually one food I make without a recipe (I am a little obsessive compulsive about using a recipe for things).

When I make charoset, I use a good apple either a granny smith or if I want something a bit sweeter I use I slightly green golden delicious apple because their texture is pretty reliable.  Unless the apple is really old, the golden delicious don’t seem to get mealy as easily as other apples.  I use a little lemon juice, fresh squeezed of course.  Some local honey (it is supposed to help with allergies to have local honey).  I toast some walnuts.  Then my last ingredients are some sweet Manischewitz wine (if you can call it that) and some Port.  

I grate the apple on a box grater.  Then I toast the walnut halves.  I chop the walnuts but not too finely.  Then add a little honey, some lemon juice a splash of the Manischewitz and a bigger splash of Port.  Then just adjust to taste.  

Next, is the Kugel…that’s the one that worries me.



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  1. Tony Maws / Apr 4 2009 9:46 pm

    Re haroset – this year we’re going Moroccan – Figs. dates, apricots, red wine, cinnamon, walnuts, pistachios…

    Don’t have exact recipe, but you can’t go too far wrong w this playing it by ear (and tastebuds)

    • leahklein / Apr 6 2009 1:42 am

      Oh man that sounds tres bon! I will make it to Craigie for Passover one year…. Perhaps we will complete our meal saying next year at Craigie on Main . I also can’t wait to check out brunch.

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