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April 11, 2009 / City Living (Boston)

Easter our way

A dozen

We are celebrating Easter with our friends this year and the focus is on the kids, the hunt, and perhaps the chocolate. It can’t be all about the kids though. None of us are religious, but we love traditions. I like learning about their Easter morning tradition. They will be dying eggs tomorrow morning (before we head to Formaggio Kitchen’s first barbecue of the season…in the rain.) We will be hanging out at home having some much needed family time with our immediate family and the friends we consider family.

I am thinking that we need some good special breakfast food tomorrow. We have the gorgeous eggs. They are almost too good to make pancakes with, but my son loves eating and helping to make the pancakes. I have been wanting to make lemon ricotta pancakes for a long time now. (One moment while I write myself a grocery list for them.) Okay, and this recipe with the sautéed apples sounds scrumptious as well.

Mon petit chef.

I think we may also need a special beverage. If we were doing brunch, I would have to go for the classic Bloody Mary. However, on a rainy Saturday with kids, it might have to be a something for the afternoon that goes well with puddle stomping. Perhaps a warm beverage that involves chocolate or coffee and a well-suited liqueur. I will do some research and get back to you on that one. As for Easter Sunday, we are going to go a bit commercial for Easter and head over to Lexington to Wilson’s Farms for their events, which includes an Easter egg hunt among other “family fun” events. The problem with “family fun” events are that they involve a lot of fun for the children, some good photo opps. to forward to the grandparents, a few battles over candy/treats/toys/leaving/sharing, and typically a “mommy meltdown” by the end. I will try to behave.

May you find many eggs, may you not put them all in one basket, and may you enjoy the weekend however you go about it.


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