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April 18, 2009 / City Living (Boston)

Ramps and eggs






This was a week of no grocery shopping.  We had lots of eggs left over from various local egg purchases the week before, the meat from Stillman’s Farm is in the freezer, our Boston Organics delivery, and we had a huge bag of broccoli left over from a shopping trip at Wilson’s Farm.  

The plan this morning was to make a simple frittata for dinner.  We had some Canadian bacon to use up and then we could use of some of the broccoli and eggs.  

This morning I decided that broccoli is exactly what I don’t want in my frittata.  I like the frittata to have little slices or cubes of vegetables.  I don’t want any weird textures like the tree-like knobby ends of broccoli.  So while my son ate his lunch, I quickly sautéed a small onion and some spring onions.  Threw in most of the broccoli (I needed some for the kids’ dinner) dumped in some vegetable broth, sliced up some carrots and one potato and made some soup.  I seasoned it all with a little Maldon salt and fresh pepper and whizzed it together leaving a few little chunks for that nice home-made texture.  

At the playground, I had a moment to flip through a magazine and found an egg noodle recipe that uses vegetable purée so my plan for the kids’ afternoon activity and dinner was making pasta.  We stopped at Formaggio Kitchen on the way home from the park and picked up some semolina flour, some cervelat and mortadella and some ramps for the frittata.

My daughter and I steamed and puréed the rest of the broccoli to make green noodles.  She chose the angel hair setting and we went ahead and made fresh broccoli pasta.  Their dinner was fresh pasta, fresh sugar snap peas (since they really get very little of the veg from the pasta) and some slices of cervelat.  

For our dinner we had a frittata made with ramps, potato and some left over Canadian bacon.  It was close to perfect.  Next time I would use real bacon.  There is a wild earthy flavour to the ramps that would go really well with the smokiness of some nice applewood smoked Niman Ranch bacon.  

[Aside on the Canadian theme.  Here is an interesting bit of news for Canadians or rather Americans that were once Canadian even though Canada always recognized them as such I think.]



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  1. labelsareforjars / Apr 22 2009 11:10 pm

    Little did I know about this blog! I love it. And I want to know more about these infamous ramps….do share: what do they resemble in the domain of taste?

    And meat truck — I think we’re out of town on Saturday. Are you going by chance?

    • leahklein / Apr 23 2009 11:42 am

      Ramps are often compared to leeks or wild onions but there is definitely something unique to their taste, scent and flavour. You’ll just have to try them. In terms of the meat truck, we’re good for now. Let’s plan on catching the next one.

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