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September 17, 2009 / City Living (Boston)

Rosh Hashanah: Sweet Honey & the Apples

Pears with a simple syrup, Amaretto, and blanched almonds

Pears with a simple syrup, Amaretto, and blanched almonds

Okay, so this post is not really about apples nor is it about honey, but it is about Rosh Hashanah and another orchard fruit – the pear and it should be sugary sweet.

So, school is back in session, classes have started up again from swimming (with daddy), to music (with mommy and the famed Sharon Simon of groovybabymusic‘s Music Together classes) and coming soon will be clay class at the Arsenal Center for the Arts and maybe we’ll squeeze in some yoga or tennis lessons.  @dearhusband (aka Dad or Dan) is back on a busy travel schedule and the children are both overwhelmed and excited with all the new activity.

So here I am at home with some pears from our “apple share” a freezer overflowing which includes flash frozen raspberries from Wright-Locke Farm in Winchester and I relish this time alone.  Yes, I have work and chores to do, but I need my glass containers back from the freezer and the pears will spoil while in a few more days.

I set up the stove and counter and peel, chop, smoosh (yes it might potentially be a technical culinary term), boil and simmer my ingredients.  I do a some work as I wait for the jars to sterilize and then again as the process.

I go into the playroom and grab a “very useful engine” from my son’s train table (an important culinary tool).  I love the little connection I feel to my boy as he is probably napping across the street at his family daycare as I pick up his train.  You see, the old Brio train that we had, then sent to London for my cousin’s to play with and my dad brought back with him for my children has a small crane with a magnet at the end, which is perfect for picking out lids from their hot water bath.

Henry's train as a canning tool

Henry's train as a canning tool

My husband will come home late tonight and be able to have a cup of tea and a nice slice of soft whole wheat bread (I am not usually a fan, but for a basic “American’ style bread the Great Harvest Bread Co.’s whole wheat loaf is perfect) topped with homemade raspberry jam.  Whether we’re all asleep or I am still awake he will know we were thinking of him and he’ll have a moment to sense that he his home before he heads out the door for work on Friday.

The pears will be sent off to friends and family as we gather for a meal to celebrate the beginning of a “sweet New Year”.  I was inspired by the Chinese Five-Spice in the chocolate soup at the Langham Hotel’s Chocolate Bar so I added some cinnamon to the heating water for the pears and some five-spice powder to the simple syrup.  I think we will enjoy these over some home-made ice cream or perhaps with a little creme fraîche.

May your Fall and following days be filled with sweetness.  Relish your times alone and enjoy your time with friends and family with gusto.


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