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June 13, 2011 / City Living (Boston)

Summer Time and The Livin’ is Easy…Easier?

I’m celebrating summer even if it doesn’t really feel like it with the weather out there.  I’ve been juggling way too many balls the latter half of this school year and I’m taking time to be just a mom with more time with the kids focused on what they are doing at any given time.  I’m taking more time to just be home and doing the “housewife” things that I haven’t had time do properly for a while now. And, I’m taking more time to enjoy the local food that is about to explode on the scene.  (Jam jars are about to be prepped for strawberry jam.

This morning I started off taking the kids to camp for a half day. Then headed over to Formaggio Kitchen for some milk… Two bags of groceries later I headed home, with so much more.  The rosé is in the fridge chilling along with the Campari. I got some of the kids’ staples: Cervelat (a mild salami), baguette, fresh English peas, and some almost local strawberries from CT.  For the grown ups I got a couple thick slices of bacon to sauté with the spinach from our CSA, some day old bread for a fresh batch of croutons, some tiny new potatoes for a salad, and a muffin for my breakfast.  I’m not usually a fan of coconut unless it is fresh coconut recently drilled and cracked, but the lemon coconut muffin was calling my name and I am so glad I got it!

This is the kind of morning I like.  A little cooking, a little cleaning, a little planning ahead for dinner.

Let summer begin!


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