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June 23, 2011 / City Living (Boston)

Tennis & Strawberries

When I was about my childrens’ ages I had a favourite nightgown because of a favourite song no doubt because of a favourite food.  It was a long cotton nightgown with a small strawberry print.  The band was The Beatles, my dad used to play the record as we danced around the living room (and by we, I mean my mom and I), and the song was Strawberry Fields.  My daughter was born during Wimbledon 2004 and it cannot be Wimbledon without strawberries and cream.  So while, Wimbledon records on Tivo for a short viewing “en famille” this evening, the kids are at the Tennis Academy at Harvard (a summer program we all love), and I’m making a small batch of strawberry jam.

All this is not to share my recipes (usually Ball Blue Book this time Keeping the Harvest) nor to share which jars to use (I’m trying out my new BPA-free all glass and rubber Weck jars), but rather to share a little “chef’s treat”.  As I was grumbling about skimming the foam off the jam, which I don’t remember doing before, I began to enjoy the task, but then wondered what I could do with that foam, because g-d forbid I waste any of that precious essence of strawberry season, which is less essence more syrup and foam.

Once the jams were in the canning bath, I got out my cup, filled it with ice, then topped it with the foam.  I filled up the seltzer bottle with water, made a fresh batch of seltzer and now as I work and write, I’m enjoying a great glass of strawberry seltzer.




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